Fifa 14
Fifa 14 PS3
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Tomb Raider
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Sports Champions 2
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Gift wrapping

Very often the customers of our online store, rather than making purchases for themselves, buy items as a gift for their family members, relatives or friends.

In response to lots of requests we have received from our customers, we have decided to offer you gift wrapping services for all occasions! Our customers will no longer need to waste their time looking for wrapping paper or queuing at specialized wrapping supplies stores. Now we can take care of all your gift wrapping needs!

When selecting a delivery method, please check a box if you want to pick up the item in a gift wrap! The wrapping price for all items is the same regardless the size of the item, i. e. you will pay the same price whether you order a PlayStation console or a PlayStation game/games!

We guarantee that all your goods will be professionally wrapped and shipped to you! IT solution Portalų Kū