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Armored Core 5 PS3

Availability: 1
Brand: Namco Bandai
Product Code: BLES 01440
Release date: 2012
Online mode: Yes
Metacritic score: 50 - 74
Age rating: 12+
Reward Points: 180
Price: 8.00 €
Price in reward points: 9000

Armored Core 5


The ravages of war & natural disasters have depleted natural resources, leaving mankind in peril. Dictatorship of the Delegate reigns down on the scattered masses while the Resistance bravely fights for democracy. Wage fierce battles for control of territories using the most powerful weapons of war: Armored Core!


·         Upgrade & customize from 500+ items such as Head Piece, Core, Arms, Legs, and Weapons

·         Collect multiple Armored Core units & store them in your personal Garage

·         Trade parts with other players

·         NEW WEAPONS

·         Base weaponry includes Kinetic, Chemical & Thermal

·         New "Ultimate" weapons with "one hit kill" power can change the tides of battle

·         Over Weapons are broken into 3 types: Close Range, Long Range, Area

Sony PS3 video game

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Release date 2012
Online mode Yes
Metacritic score 50 - 74
Age rating 12+

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